Top 10 crypto-investor profiles – Which one is yours?

In the field of cryptomoney, as elsewhere, a certain number of specific profiles emerge. A reality which is not intended to caricature, but which is based on choices and strategies specific to each individual. And which in the end draw large families that form the communities necessary for the sustainability of this universe and its many projects. This without the fact of belonging to one of these categories being synonymous with the exclusion of all the others. Even if we all have our preferences…

This article could be summed up in the maxim of knowing yourself. And which finds all its meaning in the field of cryptomoney which requires to position oneself and to know one’s objectives to ensure one’s profits. Because to spread out or to diversify too much is to lose oneself. It is important to know where you stand in order to be able to move forward with strength and conviction towards success.

A logic that is most of the time summed up as a principle of investment strategy. A necessary reality for any financial investment that imposes directions and guides the decisions to be taken. And which, as a result, can be categorised in such a way as to shed light on its trajectory and identify the players involved. This in the form of a list of the main profiles of crypto-investors.

The beginner

Everybody has been a beginner in the field of cryptomoney. That’s why it’s not to be made fun of. But also to admit one’s status as a novice where one is concerned.

Because the biggest mistakes are made at that time. And that means the biggest losses. A reality that can quickly become discouraging if it is not accompanied by the necessary learning of the basics so that you can then move on to the next categories with peace of mind. And with gains already made rather than losses to its credit.

The holder

In the crypto family of investors is the mythical holder. He is an enthusiastic fan of the world of cryptomoney, who invests his funds in astronaut mode projects. All this while waiting for a landing to the moooooon!

These are often enlightened investments, but with a (very) long term objective. Just to give the project concerned time to build the right space shuttle.

The Bitcoin maximist

These are key players in the crypto scene. Called maximalists or bitcoiners, these BTC enthusiasts swear by the king of the crypto scene: the one and only true Bitcoin (BTC). For them, the rest of this universe oscillates between Shitcoins or imitations of Bitcoin (which amounts to the same thing). All this is stored in the swarming bag of useless altcoins.

They can be recognised by their strong hatred for Ethereum (ETH) and their way of predicting $1 billion peaks for the BTC in June 2034.

The active trader

A sort of superhero of this universe, the active (and profitable) trader is a myth that many crypto investors would like to become. This fine bloodhound knows how to recognise good projects, but also the right time to enter and exit them… and to get out of them.

He speaks a strange language made of resistances and supports, all embellished with Bollinger bands and moving averages. The volatility of cryptomoney is his weapon of choice. Because he knows how to use it to maximise his profits while minimising his losses.

A flawless profitability that can be acquired or perfected thanks to a dedicated training course on crypto-traders, whatever the initial level. All this with a method that will allow you to reap maximum profits from swing trading, while controlling the risk associated with your capital.

The kamikaze

The suicide bomber thinks he is a trader but without the option of guaranteed profitability. He can become rich in a record time, on a misunderstanding and the moment of a few seconds. But he will lose it all on the next investment. Or simply because he hasn’t thought it wise to make a small take profit at the time of his virtual fortune.

A sort of shooting star in the world of cryptomoney, he is recognisable because he invests all his money on a simple cross commentary on social networks. He’s used to comment on graphics in the same way we talk about sports results.

The father of the family

The father of the family is close to the holder but does not necessarily have the character of an inscription in time. He only targets projects that have already proved their worth and focuses on security rather than high yields.

This is partly because he has invested the family’s savings, sometimes without saying so. But also because he wants to win for sure, even if it means a little less. A choice that is not, however, compulsory, especially if it is accompanied by training in crypto investment.

This is in order to earn money with cryptos without spending hours on it and while putting in place a simple and solid investment strategy.

The exclusive

This investor profile chooses a cryptomony and clings to it like an oyster to its rock. It is most often found in highly controversial projects such as the Ripple (XRP) or the TRON (TRX). And quickly becomes the active member of his army on social networks.

He can be recognised mainly by his aggressive and aggressive side. But also by his ability to defend his flag even if it is sinking. This doesn’t mean that he won’t make money in the end (attempt to appease).

The community

This is an investor profile that participates in the community life that surrounds the world of cryptomoney. This can take the form of mining activities or investments in the field of masternodes.

It can also be a liquidity provider for the various DeFi protocols. All of this in Yield Farmer mode on the lookout for the best returns in the field. But always with the idea of making profits in the back office of the crypto universe.

The millionaire

This current ideal is the driving force behind most investors in the field of cryptomoney. But a few years ahead of time. Because he had the good idea to buy Bitcoin when it sold for (well) less than $100, Ethereum when it sold for less than $5, or XRP when he still had two zeros ahead of him.

It is hard to say if it is a replicable model for newcomers and in the current market. But choosing an option from Crypto Trading can help you get closer to it faster than you can alone in the face of the complexity of this world.

Now is the time to let us know which of these crypto-investors is most like you. Which description most appealed to you? The investment technique that immediately made you think of an acquaintance? Or even an anecdote that fits one of these profiles?